Our batteries are shipped via UPS and are packaged in bubble wrap and a secure box. 


Maintaining your AED battery is one of the most important factors  in continually running your AED system in emergency situations. Always  be sure to regularly test the battery stored in the AED system, as well  as keep a backup AED battery on hand. We are proud to offer AED  batteries for nearly every Automated External Defibrillator system  available. 


 9146-202/302 AED  Battery

 This replacement battery is 100% compatible and will meet or exceeds original specification. This 9146-202/502 replacement battery made by Zeller Power has been tested for safety and  designed for high performance. 

Our FDA Approved Facility


Zeller Power Products is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Our batteries are 100% made in the USA.




Each battery is packed in a 10 inch long x  2 1/2 deep x 3 inch wide white box.

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