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ZP9141 Defibrillator (AED) Battery


ZP9141 Battery:

Non-Rechargeable replacement battery for OEM part number 9141-001
• Chemistry: Sealed Li-SO2 (Lithium Sulfur Dioxide)
• Ratings: 12V 7.5Ah
• Version: Non-Rechargeable
• Typical Capacity: 12 hrs of "On" Time / Up to 300 Full Discharges

•  Shelf Life: A new lithium battery pack has a shelf life of five (5)  years stored at proper temperatures. Shelf life is defined as the length  of time a battery can be stored, prior to installation into AED,  without degrading its performance. Proper storage temperature is between  0°C to +50°C (32°F to +122°F).

• Recommended Replace Interval:Three (3) years, depending upon usage.

•  Self Testing: With the lithium battery pack installed, the AED  automatically tests it as part of the Daily Auto test. In addition,  every 28 days a self test is performed to check the battery overload,  electrodes, electronics, full energy charge cycle and software.

•  Useful Life and Expected Capacity: When optimally maintained, a new  lithium battery pack has a capacity of 7.5 Amp hours, which is  equivalent to 12 hours of “ON” time. It is important to know that just  turning the AED on uses up battery capacity. Also, each year, battery  capacity decreases while the battery is in the AED due to the normal  self-discharge rate. After 4 years of absolutely no patient use,  approximately 35% of the useful life will remain (4.9 hours of “ON”  time)

• Proper Maintenance: Do not attempt to recharge. Do not  use beyond the expiration date marked on the label. Do not expose to  temperatures greater than 50 degrees Celsius (122 F). Do not allow  electrical connection between the contacts, as it can blow the internal  fuse and disable the battery permanently.      

ZP9146Y Defibrillator (AED) Battery


ZP9146Y Battery:

THE ZP9146Y Battery Replaces OEM part numbers: 9146-102,9146-202,9146-302

Zeller Power ZP9146Y 12V 7.5Ah Battery is a Non-Rechargeable, FDA (510k) approved AED replacement battery

FDA 510K Clearance Number: K141231.

The chemistry is Lithium Sulfur Dioxide(Li-SO2.) This battery has an estimated shelf-life of 5 years from the date of manufacture and 4 years of operational standby life.  


  • Voltage: 12V  
  • Amperage: 7500mAh
  • Type: Lithium Sulfur Dioxide (Li-SO2)  
  • Length: 9.40in (238.8mm)
  • Width: 1.80in (45.72mm)
  • Height: 2.75in (69.85mm)
  • UPC#:  616241126753

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